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Domestic Violence Prevention

marchaThe Costa Rican Lutheran Church and the European Union initiated a program “Preventing domestic violence.” This mission is possible, thanks to the cooperation and support of partner countries that, on the 20th of December, 2011, signed an agreement with the Lutheran Church, Soccer for Life, and the Central American Institute of Governance.

The participating organizations are working together to perform actions that strengthen Human Rights and reduce domestic violence, support young people so they stay in the school system or support them so they can return to the classroom, and become part of a more efficient system of public safety.
The project seeks to reduce cases of violence in the communities of Alajuelita, La Carpio, Paso Ancho, and San Sebastian, using these three main techniques:
Training: With workshops about Human Rights and the exchange of experiences and knowledge on topics like sexuality, gender, conflict resolution, and education.
Awareness: Implementing an interactive community theatre, with the purpose of facilitating reflection and awareness-raising processes.
Building of  alliances:  promoting interaction and dialogue between social organizations, public and private institutions.
The goal is to establish agreements that allow for optimal use of existing resourcesviolwenciaweb4 and the implementation of concrete practices that strengthen the formation of community teams and leaders focused on the prevention of domestic violence. This project is coordinated by an interdisciplinary team led by Pastor Carlos Bonilla and leaders with legal, psychological, pastoral, and artistic training. Although this project is run and supported by ILCO, the focus is not to proselytize. The goal is the participation of people, organizations, and institutions without distinction or discrimination based on religion, politics, gender, sexual preference, or nationality.
This PVI project poses new challenges for the church and especially for the pastors, who must promote pastoral processes in faith communities and reflect biblically within the group on these difficult topics. Carrying out the actions, we will begin the year 2014 better equipped as communities and individuals to deal with situations of violence and better able to refer cases to the appropriate people or organizations. So, while there are challenges, it is a wonderful opportunity to grow.

Translation: Denae Vanwestrienen

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