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A World with Climate Justice is Possible

The Costa Rican Lutheran Church officially opened on June 28, 2012 the installation of solar panels at its headquarters in Paso Ancho, which was put in place to address the threat of climate change and its consequences for the biosphere, and especially the most impoverished people of the earth.

paneles5The Costa Rican Lutheran Church assume the responsability for God's creation and the dignity of human beings.  Through a series of measures for adaptation and mitigation to climate change we initiate educational processes towards responsible consumption, and friendly practices towards the environment and community organisation in the defense of the Natural Resources like water, forests, and promoting clean energy, particularly solar.

Together with the companies Juwi and Elvatron, sponsored by Mission Eine Welt of Germany, the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Bavaria, and the support of the Power and Light Company, we installed 22 solar panels, to tell Costa Rica and the world that the changes that benefit people and our planet are possible.

At main table were Pastor Erick Umaña, head of the Environmental Management Program, Bishopsolarweb2 Melvin Jimenez, Francisco Barrantes of Elvatron, and Mr. Rodrigo Mata Juwi. Also present were Dr. Ernst Martens, Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany, and representatives of civil organizations, ecumenical and cooperative.

Bishop Melvin Jimenez refers to the importance of church work in environmental issues and says that:

"We as Lutherans feel that one of our fundamental missions is to defend human rights, economic, social, cultural and environmental. We are now incorporating a new project that not only has to do with a commitment to the institutional practice of the church, but also is a practical and concrete example to other churches and the society at large about clean energy. "

solarweb1This project is a testimony that opens doors to other experiences and allows us to join together so that we can change the world, our society and our country different in regards to Environmental Justice.

The coordinator of the Environmental Management Program, Pastor Erick Umaña, said:

“Genesis 1:26 stresses the material reality of creation and nature of the human body, all declared good. The human vocation is to be a good steward, a butler in the care of the house by way of a cooperator with God. The Human Being is made in the "image and likeness of God," which makes us responsible for the maintenance of life. In this passage the Human Being is a partner and manager. This is a call to ‘cultivate and care.’ We are partners and companions of the earth because we have come from it, and we are part of it."

We would recommend going to  this link where you can witness real-time monitoring of the benefits of energy production in solar panels of the church.

Note that Solar Energy is classified as the perfect solution for the energy needs of all countries due to its universality and zero cost. For the users, the investment is in the process of installing the equipment, which is recovered over time. You can easily say that solar energy does not pollute and easy to maintain.

Today we live with the threat of a development model and predatory visitors1consumption of natural resources. The demands of the free market become the priority, and NOT the world's biodiversity or human life. The consequence of this irresponsible relationship towards the environment is climate change which today can be seen through the suffering from unusual floods, storms, hurricanes, famine, landslides, etc.

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