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Cultural exchange gathering: Texas- Indigenous Community Guatuso

english49A delegation from Zion and Canyon Lake Churches in San Antonio, Texas visited Costa Rica in order to participate in activities related to indigenous matters, like the production of artisan crafts, a work project, and sharing communion.
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The Zion delegation is part of the Southwest Texas Synod, and along with ILCO has created ties of brotherhood based on an open dialogue and hospitality. The visit was part of an exchange of experiences to encourage strengthening the relationship and future events related to Global Missions.

Mission Trips will be the main tool for Global Mission’s goal of building bridges of Faith and Love, carrying drops of hope alongside people who suffer from poverty, discrimination, and natural impacts.

Guatuso is a very vulnerable region with rough rainy weather, which causes flooding and storms. Facing the hard winter is a constant challenge for the people of Guatuso and every little improvement in their life brings a fresh breeze over the humid and hot rain forest, where natural impacts hit harder and a haven is needed to face the winter.

Christian Faith is a way of life shaped by practices, by what Christians do in the world in response to the Giift of God´s Grace and the ELCA Global Mission Program unit defines accompaniment as “Walking together in solidarity that practices interdependence and mutuality. In this walk, gifts, resources and experiences MUST BE SHARED WITH MUTUAL ADVICE AND RESPECT to deepen and expand our work within God´s mission.

To look ahead in this walking, the Cross Trails Ministry, proposed Youth Camp 2012 at the Manu Center Lodge ; where youth from communities from Texas Synod and ILCO´s youth leaders will meet for the camp and training activities.

This tentative camp will encourage the development of youth skills and engagement in social and theological issues on both local and global levels, searching for better conditions and create strong leaderships for our congregations.

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Denae Van Westrienen.

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