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ILCO General Assembly convenes to define upcoming challenges

The General Assembly of the Lutheran Church of Costa Rica (ILCO) met March 28-29 to define challenges the church hopes to address in 2008-2013.
“Reviewing what we achieved and what we didn’t achieve in past history will become our challenges for today and tomorrow,” said Bishop Melvin Jimenez.

The General Assembly is composed of associate-delegates who represent ILCO’s communities of faith and points of mission.

About 30 delegates participated in the event.

Among the challenges identified for the next period are:

  •     Consolidate the communities of faith.
  •     Develop Bible formation – theology and social ministry of leaders and pastoral agents.
  •     Develop Christian & Lutheran education at the children, youth and adult levels.
  •     Promote and educate vulnerable indigenous, peasant farmer and urban communities.
  •     Education for the defense of human rights and the support of self-managing practices and models.
  •     Expand rural and urban education in natural medicine, organic agriculture, artisan crafts, English, computation, etc.
  •     Strengthen existing ecumenical relationships.
  •     Expansion of the church.
  •     Production of educational material for youth and women.
  •     Strengthening of relationships with sister churches in Latin America, the U.S. and Europe.

These strategic points will help strengthen ILCO’s sustainability.

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