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Girl Camp: Affectivity

The Community of Sola Grace organized the camp ”Affectivity for Girls” with the goal to raise awareness and give the participants access to helpful tools, for their emotional development.

campamento sola gracia2018

The facilitators were Carol Silva y Marco Salas Bonilla, the accompaniment by pastor Jeffry Campos and the logistics by Doña Marta Dodero, Esteban Viquez and Doña Lilian Arias. The girls, who participated, came from communities of faith in Alajuelita, la Carpio and Grecia. There were also participated four swedish girls of the exchange program Youth in the World Church (YWCH).

"Formation in affectivity is of vital importance, both in the integral development of people, as well as for the growth of the church itself. The formation involves the transformation of personal experiences into a life project of hope, dialogue and the resolution of problems of existence from concepts like freedom, autonomy and liberation" - Pastor Jeffry Campo

This activity does not only enable the formation and enrichment of the participants, but also places the members of the community with the diaconic action, becoming actors of the integral mission in areas like social advocacy.

The Sola Grace Community is making its way as a community of formative faith, not only within the action of the church, but also as a dynamic agent of transformation and social change from the perspective of the Christian faith and the Lutheran identity.

22-23 of september 2018

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