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Academic Agreement: ILCO- UNED

The Lutheran Church of Costa Rica (ILCO) and the State University "Universidad Estatal a Distancia (UNED)" signed an agreement “Celebration of 500 years of the Protestant Reformation”, with the objective to accomplish academic activities that stand for the universal impact of this historical event and, specifically, its influence in Costa Rica.

logo ilco littleThis agreement, approved by the University Council, (2334-2014) will bring a series of uneds loganactivities that highlight the legacy of Martin Luther and the Protestant Reformation from historical, social and theological perspectives. This proposal is divided into the following stages:

1. Communication Techniques, which promote the production of audio visual material, in different communication media such as:

a. Streaming, which is the publication of audio-visual material through the Internet, and April 13, 2016, the first program has been made with the following topics:

a) Introduction to the Protestant Reformation and the extent of the National context, by Pastor Gilberto Quesada, b) Women in Leadership by Pastor Teresa Guadamuz, c) Reform and Diversity by Pastor Abel Moya and d) Reform and Communication by Rodolfo Mena. The moderator of the program was Mr. Randall Trejos, Dean of Theology in the School of Sciences and Humanities, who says:

"Welcome to the Public University of Distance Learning, (UNED) la UNED is pleased to have the power today to initiate this agreement. For us it is a privilege that the Lutheran Church and the UNED will work together to establish a theme of social consciousness. The UNED is part of the Lutheran spirit of integrity, equality, equity that was born with Luther, the proof of which is all of us here sharing in the theology of life that you have created and are promoting with your testimony. "

In the following photo, you can watch the video of the first program!

streaming web

Production of: Arturo Pacheco y Oscar Campos

Radio Programs, along with Onda UNED, April 13, the first program for this theme was produced: The Lutheran Church of Costa Rica and its missiononda unded in the Costa Rican Society. Pastor President Gilberto Quesada represented ILCO (The Lutheran Church of Costa Rica) y Mrs. Angela Ramirez moderated for ONDA UNED. You can listen to or download the program at the following link!

Video Conference; on the theme "Protestant Reform in the World" in order to reflect on the reform in different countries, with the participation of sister churches, such as the Swedish Church, the Evangelical Lutheran Church of the United States ELCA, and the Lutheran church of Germany.

2. Academic Activities,  Both institutions intend to conduct seminars, discussions, movies, related to Luther and the Protestant Movement, and its impact on education, culture, economy, society, and theology. These meetings will be held at the offices of the UNED, where The Lutheran Church of Costa Rica (ILCO) also has a presence, along with the communities of Guatuso, Sarapiquí y Puriscal.  

3. Literary Activities, where we highlight the publications of: a) Espiga Magazine, for the second edition of the year 2017, inviting authors of unpublished writing about the Reform and its impact on diverse areas and serve as a forum for dissemination, reflection, debate, and investigation. b) Historical Publication of the Work of ILCO, as a significant contribution to the social, political, theological development by the Lutheran Church of Costa Rica during its 28 years in existence.


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