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english29In order to follow up with adopted initiatives concerning HIV/AIDS, a group of interrelated Latin American counterparts met for a third time in the city of Bahía, Brazil to discuss their common goal to combat ignorance, exclusion and discrimination.
Nombre de autor: Manuel Agüero. Programa VIH y sida

It is their hope to develop strategies and specific actions that each participating organization could adopt in order to successfully integrate the theme of HIV/AIDS into their respective agendas. This integrative initiative is referred to as the transversalization of HIV/AIDS.

The Lutheran Church of Costa Rica joyfully received visitors from Minnesota, Washington and Illinois in recent weeks, and a variety of communities of faith embraced their gifts of love and service.
Nombre de autor: Comunicación y Relaciones 

Sharing 'Faith' in Chilamate

In early July, Faith Lutheran Church of Coon Rapids, Minn., arrived with a group of 9 in its fourth visit to ILCO. Each delegation member brought a different talent to share in a variety of communities – from offering dental hygiene talks to children in Chilamate, playing with the ever-popular parachute with preschoolers in Casa Abierta, decorating foam hats with kids in La Carpio, and pulling out fence posts and stringing barbed wire in Chilamate.

english27It is hard to express in words what Faith and Brotherhood relationships do for the communities of the Costa Rican Lutheran Church, but in this article we want to express our gratitude for their caring and solidarity.
Nombre de autor: Comunicación y Relaciones
And old Icelandic Saying reminds us about fellowship: “the man or woman alone is but half, and with another he or she is the whole.”

In the Gospel according to Mathew 22:39, Jesus says, “You shall love your neighbor as yourself,” and his words are embodied in the contribution that U.S. delegations bring to the communities of faith and people in exclusion. Many delegations have been visiting the different communities of faith where the ILCO has a presence, lending a helping hand to build and restore many of the churches around Costa Rica.

english25The General Assembly of the Lutheran Church of Costa Rica met in June to elect a new board of directors.

At 9:30 a.m. on June 6, 2009, the assembly began with registration of the delegates and invited guests. ILCO Bishop Melvin Jimenez gave the welcome message, while the opening devotion was lead by Pastor Gilberto Quesada based on Nehemiah 5:1-15, emphasizing verse 11: “Give back to them immediately their fields, vineyards, olive groves and houses, and also the usury you are charging them – the hundredth part of the money, grain, new wine and oil.” This passage helps explain why the Lutheran Church of Costa Rica has been an active member of the process to create “10 Measures to Confront the Crisis with Social and Productive Inclusion” – a document created by various social organizations to provide concrete ways to mitigate the economic crisis while protecting the most vulnerable.

capillaweb2Improved rain forest trails, a chapel, new game room and increased capacity are among the latest additions at the Manu Center for Recreation and Training, part of a $92,000 offering from ILCO's companion synod in Southwestern Texas.

Manu Center was created in 1995 by three institutions: the Lutheran Church of Costa Rica (ILCO), the Educational Cooperative for Costa Rican Development (CEDECO), and Ecumenical Services for Christian Development in Central America (SEFCA). The 12-hectare center boasts primary rain forest and is used for youth camps, workshops and training activities for a variety of nonprofits and ecumenical organizations. It also offers a recreational and reflective space for local and international visitors.

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